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Matters needing attention

1、The supercapacitors have fixed polarity.Please make sure the polarity before using it.If you charge the supercapacitor with wrong polarities, leakage current and ESR will be increased and the function of the supercapacitor will be damaged.

2、The supercapacitors should be used under the condition of nominal voltage. Working under higher voltage will lead to a big leakage current and an increase on ESR. It will shorten the lifetime of supercapacitors make the supercapacitors damaged in some cases. Using in high frequency charge & discharge circuit is strictly forbidden.The high frequency charge & discharge will cause the innerside of supercapacitors become hot, lead to increase on ESR and decrease on capacitance and finally damage the supercapacitor in some cases.

3、The ambient temperature will have influence on the lifetime of supercapacitors.So the supercapacitor should leave heat source as far as possible. A voltage drop will occur at the moment of discharge:Due to its special characteristic itself,a voltage drop will occur at the moment of discharge:ΔV=IR

4、It is striclty forbidden to store the supercapacitors at a place where the relative humudity is greater than 85% or with toxic gas. This will make the supercapacitor case rotted and lead to interruption of circuit.
5、The supercapacitors should be stored in a place where the temperature is between -30℃ and 50℃ and the relative humidity is less than 60%.When stored for some time,the leakage current will increase.Generally speaking,the KAMCAP supercapacitors should not been sotored for more than one year.

6、When using on the two-side circuit board, pay attention that the juncture part should not go through the area that the supercapacitor can reach.Otherwise,it may lead to short circuit. It is strictly forbidden to twist or incline the supercapacitors by force after being fixed.It will make the lead wire loosed and affect the performance of the supercapacitors

7、Avoid overheat of supercapacitors during welding.(For the printed circuit board of 1.6mm, the temperature should be controlled at 260℃ and the welding time within 5 seconds)

8、The supercapacitor and circuit board must been cleaned after welding in order to avoid short circuit caused by impurities.

9、When using in series, there’s a voltage balancing problem among each cells. Simply put the supercapacitors in series will cause one or several cells being overvoltage and damage these supercapacitors,affect the overall performance.So when using in series,please contact the manufacuturer to acquire the technical support.

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