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Portable power supercapacitor can serve as discharge capacitor of portable defibrillator. It can provide large pulse energy of about 200-360J, which can apply all current passing the electrode in one direction to the patient. It has been used in some public places in developed countries, which can save the life as early as possible. The best proposal of energy storage capacitor is supercapacitor, for example, 25F supercapacitor is only needed for 400J energy storage, and 100F supercapacitor just has the volume of Φ25*45mm. Because supercapacitor has very low voltage, supercapacitor module or power inverter can be used for improving the voltage.
Bring very high operating cost, and the equipment needs frequent maintenance and has short service life. The failure rate is increased because of cascade of batteries, any defective battery will affect normal operation of the whole battery set, and waste battery brings large harm to the environment. Supercapacitor and its excellent performance are hopeful to solve the problem.

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