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Portable Defibrillator ◆ Consumer Electronics

Electronic toy generally requires instantaneous large current, while the battery cannot provide the current. The combination of supercapacitor and battery can solve the problem, and the supercapacitor can serve as power supply to provide electricity to electronic toy, reducing the use cost and weight.
Electronic toy airplane is not easy to fly mainly because for current material level, toy airplane excluding power supply and motor will be very light, motor can be very light, and the battery is heaviest. To let the airplane fly, the power of the battery is far less than the power of the motor to let the airplane fly. The airplane of professional model airplane can disregard the cost to use high-rate discharge charging battery with large size, which is beyond the concept of toy. Supercapacitor adopting battery far lighter than battery even motor can solve the contradiction between the mass and power of power supply. A 4.7F supercapacitor weighs no less than 10g, while two AAAA batteries weigh nearly 50g, and three NI-MH batteries weigh nearly 300g.

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